Sram : the capital of Evium sits near the coast line of the moaning tides.

Rule: Evium is made up of 5 city’s four of witch are ruled by lords all four lords answer to one king you resides in sram

Population: mainly human some elfs/ dwarfs are very rare / halfings are slaves/no one has ever seen a tiefling or dragonborn only told about in tales

Slaves: Sram has a deep hatred for halfings they are looked at as a lower race they are used though out the kingdom as servants and worker in exchange for spearing there lives.

Military: the cities are well defended with forts and gaurd barracks all along the trade routes and kings road

Culture: nobles of Sram enjoy wealth and cleanliness above all once noble males come of age(13) they have there head shaved it is symbol to show supperior blood line . the lower class are mainly farmers or skilled artisans few of the lower class own slaves a right reserved for wealthy nobles Scram has a massive temple were many of its people come to worship Vontos the god of wealth and power though most people of Evium don’t beilve that gods hold anypower or are real at all. It is more out of tradition to pay tribute to there ancient roots.


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